Saturday, 12 February 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

I adore make up, getting new make up makes my life, mostly because it's just so pretty to look at with all the different colours, and I love to experiment!
I don't like over-the-top make up, I don't get girls who walk around with orange faces at all! I like to keep it kind of natural / minimal looking!

These are my favourite make up pieces!

I almost always start with Rimmel Recover Foundation in Soft Beige, its really easy to apply and doesn't go all patchy but most importantly, it looks really natural and covers any blemishes!
Next I sweep my face lightly with Benefit Bronzer (The colour in the picture above in the purple tub). It goes really well with the foundation and gives me a natural colour.
Then I either use the Benefit blusher/bronzer on my cheek bones or a Bourjois blush in Rose D'or, if i'm feeling more pink!
Next I love to use YSL amethyst eye shadow. It's a cream so you can use the brush that comes with it or your finger. I always use my finger as you can blend it better and smudge it how you want it! It looks amazing on, perfect for smoky eyes!
I use Rimmel black eye pencil on my waterline and Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look mascara as it just refuses to clump!
For my lips, I love Bobbi Brown lip-glosses. The water-melon pink colour pictured above is my favourite as its very subtle.

Here's how I had my make up today, I don't know if this is really clear enough as I took it with my webcam, but my camera's out of battery :(
I used all of the above except the Bourjois blusher!


  1. you have such great cheekbones! super jealous
    xx Nikita

  2. Hello there fellow 19 year old law student! :o) I'm so jealous, I love those YSL eyeshadows :o)
    Love Hannah x x x