Monday, 14 February 2011

Love is in the air!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a lovely day :)
Here's a summery of my day!
I was really spoilt today by Alex, who I always refer to as my boyfriend but is actually my Fiance! (We got engaged at midnight New Years Eve 2009/2010. In March, we will have been together 5 years :D)
We were supposed to spend Valentine's in Paris, like we did last year, but due to my surgery in January we didn't know if i'd be well enough so we've booked an extra long holiday in a gorgeous hotel called Grand Mediterraneo in Corfu for July :)
To make up for not going to Paris he really has pampered me!
I was awoken at about 9am to him sitting on the bed with a full English breakfast with the most beautiful rose ever! He got it from the Disney Store and it came in a long box with a Minnie Mouse Teddy bear :)

Then he presented me with roses that he actually made himself! I was stunned they are so pretty! He gave me a big chocolate heart shaped lolly from Thorntons and a box of Thorntons choccys as well!
When I opened my card I found he had written me the sweetest poem ever! And then he gave me a new DVD called 'Eat Pray Love' starring my favourite actress ever Julia Roberts!

Then he took me to the kitchen were he had a box of strawberrys and a big bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk so we could make chocolate covered strawberries!

He waited on me all day and gave me a massage, then he ordered a big Chinese take away and put cute little fairy lights up in the room for some romantic lighting ;)

After dinner we snuggled up with the strawberrys and chocolates and watched the DVD!

I have the best boyfriend in the world I think, perfect Valentine's day :)

Oh and I wore a black vest, a black high waist skirt and black waist belt with gold studs, all from H&M :)


  1. Oh wow, looks like you have had a wonderful Valentines day :o) The chocolate covered strawberries look delish!
    Just so you know, I have passed on a blogger award to you: Here is the link for it!

    Love H xxx

  2. Thanks lovely! Hope you had a nice day too :)

  3. Aww, what a lovely bf you have :).

    Sadie x