Wednesday, 17 November 2010

38 days until Christmas...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Just over a month until Christmas! Luckily I started my shopping in September so I'm almost done and aren't really panicking! 
Although... I do have to fully decide on what I want as my main presents from my FiancĂ© Alex and my Mum (I do have a very good idea of what I want though!) :)
Perfect opportunity for some new accessories I think!
My Mum always gets me a pair of shoes for Christmas every year- Last year I got the cutest pair of Pradas! This year i'm thinking of some YSL's because I am in love with some of this years styles! 
In particular the Cognac coloured suede 'Tribute' pumps! They are to die for! Classy with the leather knot style, sky high stiletto and simple design, yet kinda boho with the tan colour suede!
Yeah I think I know what I'm getting from my mum!
If you aren't sure which ones I mean, here's a pic along with the link to Net-a-Porter!
YSL Tribute heels in Cognac

From Alex, I want a new handbag! I'm really obsessed with handbags and I would normally go for ones that are a bit unique because I hate having a handbag that everyone else has! Cole Haan handbags are my calling- gorgeous and every style is so different!
So i'm going for the complete opposite of that and am thinking of going for a Balenciaga! Yes they all look practically the same, but I don't have one and it will be unique to my collection!
I was in a store called 'Cricket' in Liverpool and saw the 'Giant Part Time' bag in black with gold hardware and I fell in love! 
The leather is so buttery soft and the giant studs are so cool looking in person! 
I think every girl needs that big, durable, cool looking bag that goes with everything, and I think the 'Part Time' was made for that purpose!

Balenciaga 'Giant Part Time'

Well I think I've pretty much convinced myself of two amazing presents :) All of a sudden 38 days seems ages away!

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