Sunday, 11 September 2011

Date night :)

I actually never remember to take pictures when i'm going out but this time I remembered and i'm glad because I loved my outfit! I wore a Kimchi & Blue pale pink tank with a cute lace neckline, fabulous high waisted navy shorts with heart print from Topshop, a really adorable tweed cropped jacket from H&M, which went with the cute feminine look I was going for. I accessorized with an oversized dusky pink pearl style necklace, thick black tights and black Topshop suede pumps which again went with my look as they have pearls and chains that go around the ankle! I carried my Chanel, ofcourse :)


  1. i absolutely LOVE this outfit girlie! such cute shorts!

  2. nice outfit, love your shorts! thanks so much for your comment, honey. of course, i'm following you now. follow back?! if you can't see the google member box, please press F5, again and's a google problem.
    wish you a wonderful day.
    maren anita