Friday, 13 January 2012


Happy New Year guys! Hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays- I know I did!
Ok so i've not been able to blog that much because Christmas was so busy and I was hardly home, and before that I had so much uni work on top of me it was unreal- so I basically lived in sweats for weeks LOL!
I don't think i've ever posted recent purchases before.. mainly because I shop so much i'd have to update my blog every half an hour haha- joke! But seriously I do shop far too much and I would love to start sharing my purchases!
Anyway yesterday and today I had a big shopping spree.. I would have actually stayed longer if the stores didn't have to close haha! I will try and get as many links as possible but when I looked online, most of it had all sold out!

Ok so first I stopped at ZARA and picked up these:
 Sweater: £19.99
Glitter Heels: £50- Sold Out


 Sequin Crop Camisole: £30- Sold Out

Platform Suede Booties: £80- Sold Out

Leopard Open Back Blouse: £36- Sold Out

Leopard Playsuit: £46- Sold Out

Cream Maxi Skirt: £25- Sold Out

'Paris' Skirt: £35- Sold Out


Hoodie (slight different pattern): £40


Hunter Wellies: £75


Playsuit: £35- Sold Out

Jumpsuit: £47


Blue Life "O So Glam" Dress: $105- Sold Out

Blu Moon "Top Gun" blouse $81

Current Elliott High Waisted Shorts: $83- Sold Out


Blouse: £57

"Jenoah" Floppy Hat in Taupe: £50


Marc Jacobs Aviators in "Tortoiseshell": £110

Ray Ban Large Black & Gold Aviators: £170

Ray Ban Large Wayfarer in Black: £160

Another thing I got at the beginning of last week which I really want to share is a cape from 


Cape: £40- Sold out

I actually adore this cape, I got it in the sale down from £80! It's so warm and fab! I love the massive fur lined hood which you can't really see on the picture so I posted the link anyway! Most of the items I bought are sold out lol! Well at least online! So i'm so glad I snatched them while I did! There are some links so check them out if you're interested before they sell out lol!
I will definitely be posting more outfits asap! Lots of love, Rachael! xxxx


  1. ahhhh you got the zara heels I'm dying for! Did you get the on sale too, i'm super jealous ! Love all the buys


  2. Thanks Stacey! I got them for £40 so £10 off! I know they are like £20 now but I think it's because there is only size 8s left :/
    Aww you'll be able to get them on ebay! They are worth the money, they look well more expensive!
    I'll keep an eye out for you ;)